Thursday, April 13, 2017

#Did You Know - Corporate Interiors/Retail/Museums

We were visiting last week with a long time customer.  It was a courtesy visit just to say hello.  I truly believe those visits are really important.  We care for our customers and plan on having a relationship with them and their company for many years.  Customer care visits are to make sure we are providing quality service and product to our client.

As the conversation progressed, we spoke about some of the trends that we are seeing.

We also discussed some of the newer products and services that we offer.

Guess what?  Our customers do not have ESP.  If we don't tell them what else we can do for them, they will get it somewhere else.

She spoke of a number of fairly recent projects where she really struggled to find a partner to assist her.  We could have helped her.

So here is this weeks, #DIDYOUKNOW

There is a very fine line between custom trade show exhibits and retail fixtures.  With our partners we can build any kind of fixture that you may need.

Along those same lines are corporate interiors.  This is a very wide range of potential projects.  As much as I hate bullet lists, here you go.

  • Wall graphics/wall paper
  • Framed wall lightboxes
  • Reception Counters
  • Information Kiosks
  • Lobby Signage
  • Donor Walls
  • Museum Kiosks/Exhibits
  • Job/Application kiosks
  • Comment Card Boxes
  • Prize Wheels
  • Acrylic Display Cases
That is just a few items that we have done for clients in the past.  We love a challenge.  The creative side of this business is what gets us up in the morning and makes the industry exciting.  I tell people all the time, we are not an exhibit house that has a stock of kits.  Almost everything we do is custom in some way.  You want your office, exhibit, or your kiosk to be unique to you and your brand, not something that looks like what everyone else has.  That is one of our strengths.  

Your brand should permeate everything you do, from your office lobby to your trade show exhibit.  Having one partner that understands the importance of that, will help you achieve that continuity.

The bottom line, if you have a special project, call us.  If we can't help you, we will try to point you to the right resource.

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