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#Did You Know? - Exhibit And Materials Storage

As a full service trade show exhibit house we offer everything and anything that relates to trade shows, exhibits and events.  That can be overwhelming for a prospect.  I can send an email out to a prospect with a bullet list of things we can do for them.  That is pretty ineffectual.   First, they are not going to read the list.  Second, even if they read it they won't remember anything beyond the one or two things they might be considering at that time.
Island Exhibit Ready to Head to Advance Warehouse

So, we are going to be starting a once a week, DID YOU KNOW post.

So often when a prospect or even a customer comes into our showroom we often hear, "I didn't know you did that!"

Shame on us.  So stay tuned, and follow our blog to learn all the things Total Displays can do for you.  Our goal is to make you look great and take some of the pressure out of exhibiting!


We have a large warehouse and offer storage of exhibits, booths, materials etc here in our location.  We have customers from all over the country and world that use this service.

Storage can be so much more than just physically keeping your properties here.

How often have you gotten to a trade show and found that you were missing things, or that the last person to use the display didn't pack it correctly or that the table throw is covered with mold because it was packed up wet.  Or, the worst... your exhibit is broken.

Let's talk about getting ready for a trade show.  You have booked a space.  Now is when the fun starts.  Here is an example of the steps someone may have for a trade show.

  • Figure out the advance warehouse dates and determine when you need to ship it to get it there on time.
  • Fill out all the paperwork
  • Order electrical
  • Order furniture
  • Order lead retrieval
  • Order flooring
  • Pull out the exhibit, make sure you have all the pieces and parts you need.  You don't want any surprises during setup!
  • Check the graphics, iron the table throws, steam out any wrinkles.
  • Do I need to order anything new?
  • Pull together your supplies box
  • What are the giveaways and do you have enough
  • What literature are you bringing
  • What product are you bringing
  • Pack everything up
  • Put it on a pallet an shrink wrap it all
  • Set up the shipping
Of course these steps vary slightly for everyone depending on your exhibit size and the type of shows you do.

Here comes the DID YOU KNOW?

We handle all that for many of our customers.  Storage is not just about physically having your exhibit here, it is about so much more.  We once had a prospect with a heavy show schedule get very excited when they learned, we could manage all those smaller inline shows for them for an hourly rate.  

Our services are a la carte so you pick and choose what you want us to for you!  

Be aware.  There are companies out there that are giving away storage.  TRUST ME - THEY ARE GETTING THEIR MONEY FROM YOU SOMEWHERE!

In quoting exhibit storage for one of our new storage clients there was a HUGE variation in storage quotes they received.  They received 3 quotes.  
  1. 2,000/year
  2. 5,000/year
  3. 11,000/year
Why the variation?  Some people offer this as a service, some as a revenue center.  Others almost give it away and make it up by over inflating prices somewhere else.  Watch for hidden charges like account manager fees and other fees that pad charges in other areas.  

With Total Displays you always get 100% transparency.  We will explain any charges or line items on any invoice.  We will show you when and where you can save money.  We provide you with white glove service so that your exhibit experience is as painless as it can possibly be.

Call Total Displays to ask for your free storage quote and analysis.  We will also review bills with you from current providers to be sure you are getting the best value.

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Lori Hanken has been in sales and marketing for over 30 years. She is passionate about service and providing value to her vendors, prospects and clients. Lori is currently co-owner of Total Displays with her husband David. They help people look great at events, trade shows, in retail, museums and develop long partnerships with customers and suppliers. If you would like to learn more, email her at lori@totaldisplays.com. She is an open networker, connect with her on LinkedIn here.

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