Friday, July 14, 2017

Happy Anniversary!

13 years ago today, we sat in a conference room signing papers and checks!  Total Displays had been in business in the Twin Cities Metro area since 1984 and we were now the proud owners!

First and foremost, thank you to our many clients.  Many of you have been with us for all 13 years and we continue to add more and more great clients every month.  Without you, we wouldn't be who we are today.

Thank you also to current and former employees that have helped us continue to grow!

I feel like I am accepting an academy award.  13 years is a big deal.  10 years is a big deal.  In this economy and surviving the bottom falling  out back in 08/09 is a HUGE deal.    Last but not least thanks to our amazing manufacturing partners.  I would name them, but I know I would forget someone important.  Because they are ALL important.

Before Total Displays, David had been the general manager for a local retail store fixtures and decoratives provider.  That company serviced, Marshall Fields, Bath & Body Works, Bombay Company, Nieman Marcus, Macy's, Dillard's and many others.

We had been looking for a long time for a company to purchase.  We looked at a little bit of everything through our business broker.  An asphalt company, a placement company in healthcare, a wine and coffee bar to name a few.  One day our broker called and said, "I have the perfect company for you".

We met with the current owner, and it was a match made in heaven.  There was a lot of crossover in vendors for graphics, structures and many other things.

David ran the business, while I was part owner of an enterprise software company.  I helped out with sales, marketing, crm and process on the side. Since the beginning one of our manufacturing partners kept asking, when is Lori going to join the business?  Every time we saw him he would ask.   I joined David full time in 2010.

We are blessed to be able to work together and provide great product and services to our clients for these past 13 years.  As a boutique trade show exhibit company we offer many different and unique product lines.  Products to fit every customer and every budget.  We have custom exhibit clients and we have pop-up exhibit clients.  

The beauty of a company like ours is we have all the same custom exhibit capabilities that the custom houses do without all the overhead and without all the extra account management fees etc that go with many of those companies.

Some changes that we have made since purchasing the company:

Small Dark Showroom =======>  Large, Light Showroom

Tiny Warehouse ============> Large Warehouse Storing Multiple Island Exhibits for Clients

Limited Services ========> Transportation, Installation & Dismantle, Show Management Services

Very Limited Rentals============> Significant Rental Properties, Inlines, Islands

No Furniture or Flooring  ======>  A Wide Variety of Furniture & Flooring for Purchase or Rental

No Technology =========>  Touch Screens, Content Management, LED Screen Purchase & Rental

No Training Services =========>  A Full Line of Training Classes for Client's Staff

No Consulting Services ===========>  Unique Consulting Services Options*

Total Displays is a full service company with something for everyone.  As a boutique exhibit house that is family owned and operated, your service levels are unsurpassed.  Even if you are working with any of our reps, we touch every client and have a stake in every relationship.  Relationships are what make us a great company.

We had a competitor call us a "pieces and parts" company a few years ago.  He dismissed us as someone he really didn't have to worry about.  We won that deal for 2 10 x 20's.  We had a local custom house stop by one of our large clients last week during a show to try to solicit their business.  They called us immediately to tell us.  We were up against a large local competitor on a 20 x 30 island.  They dismissed us.  We won that business.    We store a lot of exhibits from other local exhibit houses in our facility.  Why?  Our service.

We are proud to have been servicing the US market for 13 years.   Look for more great things from us moving forward.

If you want to learn more about Total Displays you can call David or Lori at 952-941-4511 or email us at sales@totaldisplays.com

*Watch for a new blog post soon on our consulting services.

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Lori Hanken has been in sales and marketing for over 30 years. She is passionate about service and providing value to her vendors, prospects and clients. Lori is currently co-owner of Total Displays with her husband David. They help people look great at events, trade shows, in retail, museums and develop long partnerships with customers and suppliers. If you would like to learn more, email her at lori@totaldisplays.com. She is an open networker, connect with her on LinkedIn here.

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