Friday, June 24, 2016

Money Back Guarantee or Buyer's Remorse? You Choose.

Have you ever bought a trade show exhibit and were disappointed after you purchased it?  Maybe it was difficult to set up.  Maybe it didn't fit in your space.   Maybe you purchased it online and it didn't look like the picture when you got it?  Maybe you went for CHEAP, used it once and it was damaged?

Buyers remorse can be quite common in trade show exhibits.  Here is the reality people.


Honestly I have never seen an industry with so much variation in quality.  You can walk into your local print shop and buy a cheap pull up banner stand or pop-up display.  It is really a consumable item, it is not built to last.  Remember the old economic term, planned obsolescence?  It is cheap because you will need to replace it multiple times!

Here are some questions to ask:
  1. What kind of warranty is there on the product?
  2. Is it manufactured in the United States?
  3. Will the company train you on set-up?
  4. Do they charge for that set-up?
  5. How long has the manufacturer/distributor been in business?
  6. Do they have a physical location and actual showroom you can visit?
Here is the reality in this industry.  There are a lot of people trying to sell exhibit products to customers. You need to pick your partner and your product wisely.  Partnerships matter.

Total Displays is proud to represent Classic Exhibits products.  Through Classic Exhibits we are able to offer you A MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!  

Yup.  There it is.  For real.  Believe it.  

100's of configurations with a 100-Day "Love It" Guarantee - How can you go wrong?

Contact:  lori@totaldisplays.com or call 952-941-4511 to find out how to get your "Love It" trade show exhibit.

Contact sales@totaldisplays.com to schedule your appointment to take a look at these great products!

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Lori Hanken has been in sales and marketing for over 30 years. She is passionate about service and providing value to her vendors, prospects and clients. Lori is currently co-owner of Total Displays with her husband David. They help people look great at events, trade shows, in retail, museums and develop long partnerships with customers and suppliers. If you would like to learn more, email her at lori@totaldisplays.com. She is an open networker, connect with her on LinkedIn here.

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