Saturday, April 4, 2015

To Blog Or Not To Blog Is That The Question?

I have been writing business blog posts in my head for about 7 years now.  I must think I have a lot to share?  I should have a lot of content then right?

Writing a blog is really putting yourself out there.  It is exposing yourself, opening yourself up to criticism and much more.  So is it really worth it?

What does blogging do for a company?  Here are some of the things I have gathered through my research and reading.

Competitive Positioning

Part of our company mission is to keep on top of trade show industry trends.  Keeping our clients educated helps make them look the best and get the most out of their trade show experience and money.  Blogs provide an efficient, a relatively easy way to allow your company to be a thought leader in your field and to differentiate you from your competitors.

Establishing Your Business As An Expert

Customers need to know and trust that the company that they choose is an expert in their field.  Blogging can provide you the medium to show your customers your knowledge and add value to them.  

Customer Relations

Repeat business is critical to success.You need to keep in regular touch with your clients and add value in order for them to want to continue to do business with you.  Blogs allow you to do that while not always calling customers to see if they are ready to buy again!     In the trade show business some of your clients only use your products 1 or 2 times a year.  If you are not in regular communication with them and adding value you can lose them!    Interacting with your clients in this type of environment will strengthen those relationships.  Total Displays prides itself on long term relationships with out clients and hope that we are continually providing value to them.  

Search Engine Marketing

Blogs are an effective way to improve your rankings on search engines such as Google and Yahoo!   Of course you can spend money to buy top advertising space.  Google anything and see the ads at the top and in the right hand panel.   My understanding is that the top search engines index sites based on content.  If you have a blog, and you publish frequently you can boost your relevancy and get higher up in the search results.  

Brand Building

Blogs are a great tool to get your brand out there.  Do you know what your value proposition truly is?  Is it price, quality, service?  If you don't know and don't clearly market that in your blog you could be wasting your time.  It is important that while promoting your brand you add value for the reader.

Am I an expert?  No.  Do I have years of experience to share?  Yes.  I am going to take a run at this business blogging thing and see how it goes.

Be gentle dear readers.

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